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To help you make, accessible designs.
Use the WCAG guidelines.

Required by law, and might seem like a chore.
But it’s not something, you want to ignore.

It has three levels, with grades to be received.
A is the lowest, but law abiding UI, is not achieved

Double A, is the one you should do.
Unless you can go higher, then good on you.

It's easy to achieve the level demanded.
With right syntax on the HTML added.

Image tag, should have an ‘alt' attribute
To avoid creating a screenreader dispute.

Don’t rely info, just through colour.
And make it clear where you hover

Users should not have to strive,
Have colour contrast larger than 4.5

Resize the browser, and see how content align.
It's one way to see if you got responsive design.

Help your users when they make a mistake.
Or your customer support, will never get a break.

Can everything be reached, through tab navigation?
Then you’re one step closer to a good application.

The newest version is WCAG 2.1
And with that this rhyme is done.