Helene Kassandra

Front-End Developer
& UX-designer

Hi! I'm a 26 year old tech geek/gamer from Norway who has a passion for web-development and UX-design. I love music and hate pineapples. Seriously, I don't like pineapple

Relevant Experience

What have I been studying & working with?

June 2020 - Present: Front-End Developer
Front-end team @ Sparebank 1 Utvikling

Recently joined the new front-end team at Sparebank 1 Utvikling. The team and I will be working on improving and maintaining the designsystem, along with assisting other teams in front-end related issues/projects.

June 2018 - May 2020: Front-End Developer & UX-designer
Front-end team @ Posten Norge

Working as an UX-designer and front-end developer in the front-end team at Posten Norge. The front-end team work with improving MyBring UI, and help other departments to make better UI decisions. Previously I worked in the Innovation Division, where I used my skills in UX-design and programming, to be a link between the design and development team.

Feb 2016 - June 2018: Front-End Developer
@ ProTeria AS

Fulltime Front-End developer at ProTeria AS. I took part in the development of their freight system. The work included: Designing and prototyping different user-interfaces, and Front-End programming in languages such as: HTML, CSS, ZPL, C# and Javascript (including Typescript, Knockout JS and JQuery).

2013-2016: Bachelor's Degree in Applied Computer Science
@ HiOA (now renamed OsloMet)

Graduated June 2016, with top grade on final bachelor project. Studied subjects like Human Computer Interaction, Universal design, Web-programming, Information architecture, Prototyping, Android and System Development. During my studies I also CO-lead the student organisation HiOA Gaming, and volunteered at a student pub called Samfunnet Bislet.

My Projects

Things I've made outside of work

Circular picture with the text Posten Dictionary in the center
Posten Dictionary
See it live

I took the initiative of creating a dictionary for searching up difficult terms and abbreviations used at Posten. The goal was to make it easier for myself and my co-workers to search up terms, that we might come across in documents etc. The site has been shared with different departments, and other people have contributed with their own words and explanations. Created in React.

Circular picture with the text The Daily Gatherer Helper
The Daily Helper - GW2
See it live

My first ever React application, and a re-write of my "Daily gatherer helper" project. The site help Guild Wars 2 players find the best locations to do their daily quests, and it's used by approximately 100 users every day. Created in React, with the help of Guild Wars 2 Official API.

Drawing of a pink beaver in front of a light green circle
See it live

A Rock-Paper-Scissors game made with PHP, Javascript, HTML & CSS. I made this game for the members of Alpha Revolver Gaming Community. The idea was that they could play against the community mascot: Cleaver the Beaver. The Illustration is made by me in Affinity Designer.

Circular picture with the text The Daily Gatherer Helper
The Daily Gatherer Helper
See it live

A website that shows users the best locations to finish their daily gathering quests in Guild Wars 2. Created in HTML, CSS, Javascript (including JQuery and Knockout), with help of Materialize and the official Guild Wars 2 API.


Articles and other texts I've written

Playwright vs Cypress

This article compare the two frameworks, and hopefully make it clearer which testing framework suits your needs the most, by making you aware of their similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses.

Testing with Cypress

Cypress.io is a tool for setting up, writing, running and debugging tests. Compared to many other testing tools, Cypress allow you see the state of your user-interface during different stages of interaction. In this article I quickly go through the progress of getting started, writing and running your first tests, along with my personal opinion on why you should use Cypress.

How to avoid the wall of frustration

Regardless of how enthusiastic you are laying the first bricks of a project, at some point you’ll realise that the stack of bricks, look suspiciously like a wall, or something different than originally pictured. In this article I cover some of the stages and challenges I faced while I rewriting an application.


WCAG is a set of guidelines, required by law to make the web more accessible. I decided to create a poem, summarizing some of the guidelines, and why it is important to follow